WHY "Big Boy"?

Do you still produce compound feed by yourself and continue to lose money and time? You do not achieve the desired results and do not understand why? Animals die, and no one can explain what is the reason? Did you know that producing feed at home, the following happens:
* of 10 chickens consuming “home” feed, only 6 survive
* of 10 piglets, 7 survive;
* of 10 rabbits, 7 survive or in the worst case none survive.
* The reasons of animals’ death are: 60% – unbalanced feed, 40% – diseases and inappropriate medicinal programs.

What you get, using professionally balanced compound feed Big Boy:
– Significant decrease of mortality;

– Improvement of conversion

– A recipe by nutritionalist, prescribed namely for your breed;

– Profit increase, because on the Big Boy’s feed animals gain weight faster and do not get sick

– Quickly achieve desired results due to the recipes compiled according to the European standards

– No contamination feed guarantee due to heat processing and modern German equipment

– All raw materials undergo laboratory tests – only in this case we can be sure that the feed is properly balanced, there are no pests in the raw materials and the quality parameters correspond to the declared supplier;

Fully automatic line with micro and macro dosage, thus there is no risk of human factor and each granule has the same qualitative parameters, all animals receive all of the useful proteins, vitamins, minerals and elements
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